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November 28, 2009: EMH and the Hubris of Active Managers (T.A.)

At this point, further comment on the EMH and MPT will be seen as beating a dead horse, and perhaps rightly so.  But as an inveterate dead-horse-beater of long standing, there are a couple of minor points that have been niggling away at me. More ... ..

August 7, 2009: Finance Theory and the Financial Crisis (T.A.)

I continue to be amused and perplexed by ongoing comments from investment practitioners and commentators, lambasting the role of finance theory and its apparent proponents (the mathematical modelling folks) in the current financial crisis.  More .....

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Learning and Playing the Long-term Investment Game

frontcoverHistorical analysis of long-term global equity and bond returns is used to develop an analytical framework for a historical attribution of returns. In turn this attribution approach is used to develop expectations of future returns that acknowledge the past but take into account current market conditions.

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